Teacher Ivy

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Teacher Ivy Lyrics
A song about our grandmother. She ran a primary class for fifty years. She always maintained that little acorns grow into mighty oaks and we still think she might have been on to something.


Now everyone remembers who first taught them the good news

And that soul remains a hero in your heart
And some of us more lately found redemption from the blues
And some of us were taught it from the start
By ageing saints and troubadours, with stories and with songs
Their primary mission to convey
All the gentle love of Jesus to the lives where it belongs
And where it still remains within us to this day

Now we believe what Teacher Ivy taught us many years ago

We know it’s so that mighty oaks from little acorns grow
And we’re building up the temple like our elders said we should

Our cup’s full and running over, like Teacher Ivy said it would

With morality and mission and a firm but loving hand
Teacher Ivy helped her little soldiers grow

And she marched us across our childhood ‘til we reached the promised land

And she helped us break the walls of Jericho

We joined Jonah in the whale, we helped Noah build the ark

And we dared to be like Daniel in the den

From Elijah to Isaiah ‘til a light shone in the dark

And a Saviour came to heal the hearts of men

Not so very long ago and not so far away

We met our Master – mighty, meek and mild
And we sat in our small corner and we held our hands to pray

And received the love of Jesus to a child

All these songs have journeyed with us and these stories still survive

As we teach them to our daughters and our sons

Teacher Ivy’s gone to Heaven but her love is still alive

In another generation’s little ones