Reactions to the Live Show

Karl performing "We All Have Work To Do" in the Royal Albert Hall

Garry Smith
Thanks for a great show at Chelmsford last night (20th May '12) - thoroughly enjoyed the event and am now enjoying the CD. I think your show has the most creative use of multimedia that I've ever seen within The SA. Congratulations to you and the team, and hope you get a large and appreciative crowd at the congress next weekend. You deserve every success.
Ian Mountford (Bristol Citadel)
"Amazing graphics and visuals, opportune lyrics and quality music. This is a timely and significant gift to The Salvation Army, unashamedly marketed and targeted at a Salvationist audience as a reminder of who we truly are and who we are called to be. Their discernment of who we are cuts through to reveal some of the most iconic, essential and emotive principles of Salvationism. Their understanding of One Army, One Mission & One Message may not share the same logo as the General's recent vision statement but much of what they have written resonates strongly with the resurgence of these themes."

Stephen Perkins (Staines)
"The evening was brilliant. The whole combination of multimedia and music provided inspiring glimpses of Salvation Army history. It brought a sense of nostalgia but also inspiration and challenge to make relevant the claims of our Lord Jesus. Many have been commenting during the week on the impact of the evening, including relatively new Christians."

Iain Hudson (Reading Central)
"What was evident was the work that had made the visual images compliment the music. This ensured that everyone heard and saw the clear Christian message that underpinned every part of the presentation. The congregation was inspired by the professional presentation and sheer creativity of songwriting. I have yet to see a better creative talent within The Salvation Army".

Darren Bartlett
"Congratulations to Alvin & Karl on their excellent show. I attended their launch and can recommend it to you all."

Chick Yuill
"Really enjoyed the show at Bristol Citadel. Great stuff!"

Clarence Adoo
"Thank you Alvin and Karl. for such an enjoyable, refreshing evening presenting the Gospel.
I guess with both of your credentials, I shouldn't have been surprised at the amount of hard work that must have been put into this. I hope many people have been challenged and blessed. May God continue to bless and inspire your team

Don Aitken
"My daughter said it was quite good, so I thought I had nothing to lose by going along for a hearty sing-song. They had so many screens of images going on, I just didn't know where to look. Towards the end of the night, they had people dancing and clapping!"

Lynne Edwards

"I really enjoyed the show and have not stopped saying "wow" at the interactive graphics. The wedding inspirational - I had tears in my eyes! And the song where the screen is spray painted is just amazing!"

Shaun Skinner
"This is not two ageing rockers with a Bontempi! This is music with a voice and a chance to reach out to people we struggle to reach and what's more it's slick and professional"