About Alvin & Karl

Alvin and Karl Allison worked together in the Salvation Army-based rock bands Blood & Fire, The Eden and The Big Picture from 1980 until 1995, during which time they played hundreds of gigs, services, cabarets and other events in Salvation Army halls, churches, theatres, concert halls, schools, pubs, clubs and prisons.

Alvin facilitated contemporary music workshops for the youth programme at “Army Week” at Butlins for ten years. He provided the music for Jorge Booth’s Glory Hallelujah Machine and was the musical director for Congress events at the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley. He has worked with Graham Kendrick, The Bootleg Beatles, The Salvation Army’s Southern Youth Chorus, Salvacosta and Darren Bartlett. He has written arrangements for the International Staff Band and the International Staff Songsters and has worked with and played for every Salvation Army General since Wahlstrom. In 2006, he led the worship band that played at the welcome event for General Shaw Clifton.

Karl has written and reviewed for Cross Rhythms magazine and was the original on-air youth show music reviewer for London’s Premier Radio. He conceived and presented The Last Daze alternative worship events, promoted the Rock The Flock gospel music concerts, organised the Reach Out series of celebrations and was twice a delegate at World Council of Churches conferences. He was a member of the Billy Graham Mission UK committee and wrote and presented the youth events for the Decade of Evangelism.